Texas Health Freedom ALERT – VICTORY! YOU Did It! HB 3474 Is Dead!

Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom, The following information has been confirmed from multiple sources at the Texas Legislature. We are delighted to tell you that, thanks in large part to your efforts, HB 3474, and its amended language that included SB 538, the infectious disease control bill, has died. The language of SB […]

Texas Health Freedom ALERT – URGENT!!! Call Your State Rep NOW, Oppose HB 3474!!!

Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom, URGENT!!! The Texas Senate is trying to pull a fast one. They have amended the language of SB 538, Sen. Charles Schwertner’s infectious disease control bill (aka “The Ebola Bill,” with involuntary incarceration provisions) onto HB 3474, a county government bill. HB 3474 is scheduled to be voted […]

Texas Health Freedom ALERT – Tell Your Senator To Support Texas Raw Milk Bill!

Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom, The raw milk bill, House Bill (HB) 91, passed the Texas House with a strong bipartisan vote. Yet it seems to be stalled out in the Senate — rather than being assigned to the Health and Human Services Committee as expected, it hasn’t been sent to any committee. […]