THFC Leaders At Work On Legislation

Our Story

Until early 2005, the Texas natural health community was very fragmented, primarily along occupational lines.  Each Texas natural health professional community approached dealing with the state authorities from a parochial point of view, focusing solely on how to protect their own turf.

That all changed when some economically motivated special interest groups attempted to collect to themselves the sole right to offer professional nutritional counseling, via several bills being considered in the state legislature during the 2005 session.  This threat to their collective livelihoods spurred these groups to form a loose coalition which worked together to defeat those bills.  Incredibly, their collective efforts generated over 335,000 cards, letters, emails and faxes to the state legislature.

These groups, joined by others, continued to collaborate such that, on November 6, 2006, the Texas Health Freedom Coalition (THFC) was born.  Since that time, the THFC has amassed an impressive of defense of health freedom of choice in Texas.  We continue to do so today.

The THFC operates as an IRS 501(c)(4) non-profit lobbying group.  We accept private donations, but they are not tax deductible.