Texas Health Freedom ALERT – A Sad Day In California


Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom,
It is our sad duty to inform you that California’s Senate Bill (SB) 277, which mandates full vaccinations for CA public school attendees, eliminates personal and religious exemptions, and limits medical exemptions, was signed into law today by CA Gov. Jerry Brown. The link to his signing message is below:


While there are legal challenges pending, based on Constitutional grounds, the implications of the enactment of this bill into law are chilling:
– Mass forced drugging of the population (vaccines are classified as drugs) is now legal in California;
o This is important for all of us, because Big Pharma now has over 300 vaccines in the development pipeline;
o The US Department of Health and Human Services has already released its initial guidelines for mandatory adult vaccinations; it is supported by the four international pharmaceutical companies who manufacture vaccines;
– The passage of SB 277 will set legislative precedent for other states, including Texas;

But perhaps the most important effect is the loss in CA of their citizens’ right to bodily integrity. The precedent has now been set that the state, and not the individual, can now determine what is put into a citizen’s body.

We can expect that the pro-vaccine lobby will return in force to the Texas Legislature in 2017. As such, we must be even more prepared than we were in 2015 to combat/oppose their efforts.

To that end, your Coalition is convening an initial Texas leadership teleconference on Sunday, July 26th to coordinate strategy and tactics with all the groups which participated in our successful 2015 legislative campaign.

Invitations will be sent out shortly to the leaders of all these groups. Discussion items will include:
– Status of current efforts in other groups;
– Ways in which we can work together;
– Strategic initiatives and associated tactics;
– Funding initiatives to support our collective efforts.

Waging this campaign successfully will require an unprecedented level of coordination among all our respective groups. The good news is that we have already done this, and we can do it again. We will keep you posted as events warrant.

Thanks for your support of Texas Health Freedom,

Your Coalition Executive Committee

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