Texas Health Freedom ALERT – URGENT!!! Call Your State Rep NOW, Oppose HB 3474!!!

Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom,
URGENT!!! The Texas Senate is trying to pull a fast one. They have amended the language of SB 538, Sen. Charles Schwertner’s infectious disease control bill (aka “The Ebola Bill,” with involuntary incarceration provisions) onto HB 3474, a county government bill. HB 3474 is scheduled to be voted on at 9:10 pm tonight on the Texas House floor.

This is nothing less than an arrogant attempt by Sen. Schwertner and his sponsor, the Texas Medical Association, to sacrifice human rights on the altar of medical expediency. We must oppose this stealthy effort NOW. Here’s how:

1. Find out who your Texas State Representative (NOT member of the US Congress!) is by filling in your information in the “Who Represents Me?” block in the upper left corner of this home page. Scroll down to Texas State Representative and find the phone number for their capitol office (Austin, area code 512).

2. When a staff member answers the phone, say something like this: “I am a constituent of Rep. (your state rep’s last name). HB 3474, which is scheduled to be voted on by the House this evening, has language from SB 538 amended to it which compromises the fundamental rights of Texans. Please ask Rep. (you state rep’s last name) to vote “NO” on HB 3474 as amended. Thank you.”

3. Please ensure that your fellow, like minded Texans receive and act on this important information.

Thanks for your support of Texas Health Freedom,

Your Coalition Executive Committee

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