Texas Health Freedom ALERT – Tell Your State Reps to Vote NO On HBs 2171/2474

Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom,
The following alert is provided courtesy of our allies at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org). Special Thanks to NVIC TX State Directors Dawn Richardson and Rebecca Rex for providing this timely information.

HB 2171 and HB 2474, both of which are bad vaccine mandate bills, are now scheduled for a vote today in the House of Representatives. Here’s how to make your voice heard in opposition:

1) Get the Austin area phone number (area code 512) for your Texas State Representative (NOT member of the US Congress) in the “Who Represents Me?” block in the upper left corner of this home page.

2) Call NOW (vote is happening today) to tell your Representative to VOTE NO on HB 2171 and HB 2474

3) Talking Points for Phone Call:
• Bill makes registry opt out for young adults
• Parents consented to childhood registry only until 18 years – changing the rules retroactively
• Don’t eliminate opt-in consent for the teen because the health department has done a lousy job getting the teen’s consent when they become an adult. Make the health department do their job instead.

• Bill provides useless information in schools. Overall vaccine exemption numbers don’t tell what type of vaccine the exemption is for. An exemption form is used whether it is for one dose of one shot or all doses.
• Bill perpetuates myth that high vaccination rates guarantee immunity. Vaccines fail and wane, and people vaccinated with live viral vaccines shed the virus and can spread disease.
• Vaccination rates in Texas per vaccine have steadily increased since exemption passed in 2003
• The number of doses on the vaccine schedule has doubled in the last 15 years.
• Bill is biased – in the reporting requirement of outbreaks of vaccine targeted illnesses to the legislature, the bill does not require identifying the numbers of people infected who are vaccinated. Instead it highlights exemption rates.

Please act to protect your health freedom of choice today!

Thanks for your support of Texas Health Freedom,

Your Coalition Executive Committee

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