Texas Health Freedom ALERT – Individual Texans DO Have Power!

Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom,
During this 2015 Texas legislative session, we are witnessing what can only be described as the most serious assault on our health care freedom of choice that has ever been conducted in Texas. Never before have there been as many bills that threaten our collective right (guaranteed under the 9th Amendment of the US Constitution) to bodily integrity, the right to decide for ourselves what to put into our bodies and how to care for them.

But we are also witnessing something even more remarkable: the power of the individual Texas citizen to protect those rights. As was mentioned in an earlier message, House Bill (HB) 212 was pulled by its author before a scheduled hearing tomorrow. While the author can, indeed, re-introduce that bill if she wishes, the fact that it was pulled is a testament to the furious and massive opposition, from Texans like yourself, against a bill that violated your sacred right to bodily integrity.

It is a little known fact that every Texan who contacts her or his elected representatives on any issue represents over 1,000 of their fellow citizens, in the minds of those elected representatives. So every time you make your voice heard, you are doing so on behalf of over 1,000 of your fellow Texans. That is true people power!

Make no mistake: there is a long road yet to travel during this legislative session, and there are several other bills that pose a threat to our health freedom. Your Coalition is standing watch, and will notify you of any emerging threat. We ask only that, when the time comes again, you continue to make your voice heard.

Thanks for your support of Texas Health Freedom.

The Executive Committee
Texas Health Freedom Coalition

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