Texas Health Freedom ALERT – HB 3499 Assigned To House Public Health – ACT NOW!

Colleagues and Friends of Texas Health Freedom,
We were notified today that House Bill (HB) 3499, The Texas GMO Labeling Bill, has been assigned to the House Public Health Committee. If we are to get this bill heard by the committee, the committee members need to hear from their fellow House members, and from you, that their constituents want that bill heard.

Here’s what you can do to help:

1. Contact your Texas State Representative (NOT member of Congress!) and ask them to tell their colleagues on the House Public Health Committee to schedule a hearing date for the bill. If you do not know who your Texas State Representative is, fill in the box titled “Who Represents Me?” in the top left corner of this page. You’ll need to scroll down past the members of the US Congress to find your state rep. Call their Austin office (area code 512).
When you call, tell the staff member who answers the phone something like: “I am a constituent of Representative (your state rep’s last name). I am also a supporter of HB 3499, the Texas GMO Labeling Bill. Please ask the Representative to ask her/his colleagues on House Public Health to schedule a hearing for HB 3499 as soon as possible.”

2. Call the office of the committee chair, Rep. Myra Crownover, at (512) 463-0582, and tell her staff “I am a supporter of HB 3499. Please ask the Representative to schedule a hearing for the bill as soon as possible.”

Remember, every call to a representative equates to over 1,000 Texans with the same point of view, so your input is very important. Please act today!

Thanks for your support of Texas Health Freedom.

The Executive Committee
Texas Health Freedom Coalition

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